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Trinity Fiduciary Partners, LLC has a core team of professionals to handle key asset management tasks. We also believe strongly in leveraging strategic partnerships to handle Client and Advisor service.


Sam has over 20 years of investment management experience and is focused on socially responsible investing. He is the CEO of Trinity Fiduciary Partners, LLC. Prior to forming Trinity in 2005, Sam was a financial adviser with Ameriprise...

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Thomas Payne

Director of Operations, Chief Compliance Officer & Financial Advisor

(877) 334-1283 ext. 706

After living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 46 years, he recently relocated his family to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2017.  They are slowly making the transition to becoming Texans.  He continues to provide financial advice and...

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Dan is a fixed income portfolio manager and has over 25 years of experience in the asset management industry. He joined Trinity Fiduciary Partners, LLC in August 2016. Dan serves as a portfolio manager for Epiphany FFV Strategic Income...

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Cara Saladino

Director of Marketing & Office Manager

(877) 334-1283 ext 701

Cara is married to Founder and Managing Member, Sam Saladino. She has been instrumental from the beginning to the success of Trinity Fiduciary Partners. Now that their three children are in school full time, Cara has joined the team on...

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Mrs. Reid has been instrumental in her guidance of Trinity Fiduciary Partners, LLC for over ten years and in the founding of Epiphany Funds. She even named the mutual fund company. Mrs. Reid retired as an executive vice-president at M...

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Javier has over 35 years of investment management experience. He has been a member of Trinity Fiduciary Partners, LLC and IWP Holdings, LLC since 2011. Javier is also the chairman of Toston LLC and has been since its creation...

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