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Available FFV Sleeve Portfolios

Large Company Portfolios

  • FFV Larg Cap Value 100
  • FFV Large Cap 100
  • FFV Large Cap Growth 100

Mid Company Portfolios

  • FFV Mid Cap Value 100
  • FFV Mid Cap 100
  • FFV Mid Cap Growth 100

Small Company Portfolios

  • FFV Small Cap Value 100
  • FFV Small Cap 100
  • FFV Small Cap Growth 100

These are passive investment strategies.  The process is disciplined, straightforward and effective.  

These strategies can be implemented on different custodial platforms.  Custodian may have their own trading costs which effects the minimum to fully implement the strategy.


  1. We use our FFV Scorecard® to screen each universe based on a defined proxy.
  2. Select the largest 100 stocks by market cap.
  3. Invest equally (1%) in each.
  4. Rebalance quarterly.
  5. Add/subtract constituents (holdings) quarterly, based on updated screening.

We vote all proxies and engage corporations in the portfolio based on our FFV Scorecard®.

Please contact us for more information.