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FFV Scorecard®

In 2006, Trinity Fiduciary was established to focus on Sustainably Responsible Investing and particularly its subsets, Faith-Based and Morally-Responsible Investing.  The main barrier was that there was no standard definition of Faith- Based Investing and there were many conflicting opinions on how to benchmark financial returns.  The FFV Scorecard is objective, defined, and reviews companies’ performance in four pillar areas:

  • A) Life and Family
  • B) Human Rights & Economic Justice
  • C) Environment
  • D) Corporate Governance

The screening criteria of FFV Scorecard® is based on the principals of Biblically Responsible Investing and the moral and social justice teachings of the Catholic Church as outlined by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines. The criteria are reviewed from time to time by Trinity’s Advisory Board.
According to the FFV Scorecard®, companies will generally be excluded that are known to:

  • Directly participate in abortion;
  • Manufacture contraceptives;
  • Produce pornographic media content;
  • Engage in scientific research on human fetuses or embryos;
  • Have recent material fines or legal judgments relating to employee discrimination or human rights abuses, employee health or safety or environmental violations;
  • Manufacture nuclear weapons, biological or chemical weapons, indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction or anti-personnel landmines;
  • Use company assets to advocate for or against any of the issues listed above as well as other political issues that are not directly related to the company’s primary service or product.

Eligible companies are further evaluated and an assessment is made concerning their record on human rights, environment and corporate governance, both positive and negative. The FFV Scorecard® is designed to measure a company’s impact on people, communities and the market and is an integral part of the investment process.

The goal of this filtering process is to find companies that are focused on promoting a sustainable product or service in a sustainable manner for years to come.  Trinity Fiduciary talks with corporate management, votes proxies, and uses shareholder actions to improve companies’ scores for the main purpose of increasing their shareholder value.

We work with institutions and advisors to apply the FFV Scorecard to their investment program and have the complete ability to make adjustments to financial portfolios that align with customized preferences for investment strategy and financial goals.