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Trinity FFV Conservative Model

  • 20% Equities
  • 60% Income
  • 20% Diversifiers

Trinity FFV Balanced Model

  • 40% Equities
  • 40% Income
  • 20% Diversifiers

Trinity FFV Growth and Income Model

  • 60% Equities
  • 20% Income
  • 20% Diversifiers

Trinity FFV Aggressive Model

  • 80% Equities
  • 0% Income
  • 20% Diversifiers

Investment Philosphy

We believe a strategic asset allocation aligned to the risk tolerance and return objectives is the key to achieving investment success over the long term.  Tactical portfolio investments are only used within the broad strategic framework in most cases.  A disciplined and transparent approach has the best opportunity for success.

Investment Process

A suitable return is the objective of most investors.  Suitability is typically aligned with the investors risk appetite.  Faith and social considerations are also relevant and impactful for certain investors.  However, for every investor we deal with we operate under a four-point foundation:

  • Asset Allocation is the primary driver of investment results;
  • A strategic allocation of 20% to strategies with a low or negative correlation to stocks can mitigate risk
  • The relative risk can be differentiated by the strategic allocation to equities
    • Conservative 20%
    • Balanced 40%
    • Growth with Income 60%
    • Aggressive 80%
  • Income is important and emphasized in most strategies

Strategic Framework

Based on our four-point foundation, portfolios are generally invested with 20% in diversifying strategies.   Risk within that framework is also managed using the underlying components.


Trinity rebalances the portfolio from time to time based on the market, investment growth, need to raise cash, investment research, and changes to underlying indexes.