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Trinity Fiduciary Partners, LLC has an investment team of professionals to handle key asset and wealth management tasks. Every member of the team has more than 20 years of investment experience.


Samuel Saladino, CFP®

Founder and Managing Director

(877) 334-1283 ext. 704

Sam has over 20 years of investment management experience and is focused on socially responsible investing. He is the CEO of Trinity Fiduciary Partners, LLC. Prior to forming Trinity in 2005, Sam was a financial adviser with Ameriprise...

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Daniel Mulvey

Managing Director and CCO

(877) 334-1283 ext. 705

Dan is a fixed income portfolio manager and has over 25 years of experience in the asset management industry. He joined Trinity Fiduciary Partners, LLC in August 2016....

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Zach Barry

Senior Research Analyst

Zach is a senior research analyst that works closely with the portfolio team to ensure investments are responsible and fit client’s needs. Over the past two years working for IWP Capital, he has gained experience in screening,...

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